How it Works

We try to keep things simple. This way we save time, and save you money in the process. Advanced bookkeeping techniques help get you out from the desk, and out living your life.

  • Come and say "hi"

    Firstly we’ll conduct a short interview, to work out how to best tailor a bookkeeping package that fits the needs of your business, and your budget.

    We look at things like:
    -How large is your business
    -How can we make your work process more streamlined
    -The best approach for Invoicing and Wages processes
    -BAS preparation solutions

    After we know how we can help, we’ll be able to give you a set quote on the spot, which will not change, unless your business circumstances do (reviewed every 6 monthsand no lock in contracts).

  • Xero

    Xero is the main processing tools for our services as they have many advantages over their competitors for our clients:

    -You don’t need any software (No more updates, no more fees)
    -Everything electronic. Our systems import your data from your financial institution efficiently and safely.
    -Faster processing, better reporting, and easy for your accountant to use when required.

    XERO even provides a fully online Invoicing and Payroll system. No longer will you have issues with who owes you money, and chasing that money up. And the Payroll module lets you pay your staff at the click of a button, and they can print their own payslips if they need them. It's all automatic! Phew!

    One of our friendly staff will go through any questions you may have, work out a business bookkeeping strategy that fits you, and just like that, you’ve freed yourself from your bookkeeping hassles.

  • That's it!

    Now you’ve joined the Link Bookkeeping revolution, helping you take control of your business and your financial future!

    Your Bookkeeping advisor will guide you through the process of what’s required throughout the year, but you’ll be surprised about how little you’ll have to do. Also, feel free to check out and see why the world is moving to XERO for all Business Accounting and Bookkeeping needs.

    On their site you’ll find useful information, and see many client testimonies demonstrating how it’s helped their business.

    Xero bookkeeping