Good Business Ideas


A good business idea can change your life. It could turn you from your average employee, into a millionaire entrepreneur. Ever wondered what it would be like to be the man? It’s likely you’ve found this blog post through a personal drive to succeed and reach new levels of independence and financial wealth. I believe that being a successful entrepreneur isn’t as out of this world, or as difficult as many may make it appear. Often it will seem an impossible step, or a dramatic leap forward that you will never be able to achieve. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The best way to succeed as an entrepreneur is to first have a good business idea. This idea will evolve over time, they always do, but this is the beauty of a great idea. They should be flexible. There is no way that you could have possibly thought of all the diversity in your market, and you have to flex to change to adversity.

So let’s assume, that you have an idea that you believe in. Pay attention to this concept of “believing” in your idea. Because if you don’t believe in it completely, neither will your customers or clients. Ok, so you’ve got your idea and it’s a beauty. How are you going to get this show on the road? I will assume you are currently an employee, working away and when you get home you just want to relax. Well unfortunately, if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, your home time is now your new business development time.

You have a wonderful opportunity which you haven’t yet realised. You’re being paid at work, which supports you and is allowing you to fund operations for your new business venture. Start slowly, build the foundation which will ultimately enable you to walk out of your old job, and into a well thought through new business which you run and own. I would strongly suggest reading my blog post on “How to start a successful small business” as it goes through all the basics of business start up.


Some really great things you can do to get moving on your new business idea when getting started include:

-          Branding and design ( I can help you with this)

-          Website development (I recommend as they have helped me build many websites which look amazing and work how you need them to)

-          Networking and discussions (Social media is a great place to start, call me if you want a social media training program)

-          Market research

-          Customer and client response

Customer and client response is important. By this I mean, actually go and talk to people who you perceive would make great customers or clients, and ask them how they feel about your new product or service. Look for genuine reactions of enthusiasm. A positive response on your idea is a good indication of how successful it will be. Never be afraid to do this sort of market testing, but remember not to give away your ideas to people who might try use them for their own. Just give them the concepts, which you’ll be trying to sell to them.

Remember to start slow, and build things in a manner that won’t stretch you too thin financially and socially.

I personally love helping business ideas and business entrepreneurs reach their goals. I run a program which helps get new business off the ground and get them on the right track. Everything from branding, websites, social media networking and turning ideas into money. I would love to help you, so give me a call. After all, a good business idea will become a great business. And at Link Bookkeeping I love helping you manage your business from the ground up, and all the way through to the bookkeeping stage. Whether or not you live in Brisbane, I can help you make your business ideas a reality.

James Webb