Thoughts from the Director of Brisbane’s best bookkeeping service, Link Bookeeping.
  • Tuesday, 23rd July 2013
    Setting goals is one of the most effective techniques to achieving success. Goals come before business plans, sales forecast, and eventual consultations with Brisbane bookkeepers. When starting up a business, everyone has a goal, and that is to succeed on the business... Read more
  • Friday, 14th June 2013
    Often, the hardest thing for a business owner to do is to start delegating business processes and tasks. Working as an accountant and bookkeeper in Brisbane companies, I have met a lot of small business owners who find it hard to let go. Top concern is on losing... Read more
  • Wednesday, 5th June 2013
    This is a follow-up to last week’s article on cash flow. Any bookkeeper in Brisbane would recommend focusing management on accounts receivables as they are controllable and easily convertible to cash. A burgeoning AR is a sign that your business is selling and you are... Read more
  • Wednesday, 29th May 2013
    My work has exposed me to significant experience in accounting and bookkeeping Brisbane businesses. My exposure to actual business setup proved to me the accuracy of the business principle that a sustained positive cash flow is synonymous to the liquidity of a business... Read more
  • Wednesday, 22nd May 2013
      Bookkeeping and organizing come hand in hand. Most conglomerates and corporations set up a separate department that is focused on the business’s accounting and bookkeeping. Brisbane also has many small and medium businesses that cannot afford to hire a separate staff... Read more
  • Friday, 17th May 2013
      Accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping Brisbane businesses have made me realize that most of the offices right now use computer systems to facilitate business processes. However, many are still relying on hardcopy filing, working on computers but storing information... Read more
  • Friday, 26th April 2013
      A good business idea can change your life. It could turn you from your average employee, into a millionaire entrepreneur. Ever wondered what it would be like to be the man? It’s likely you’ve found this blog post through a personal drive to succeed and reach new... Read more
  • Tuesday, 23rd April 2013
      So we've briefly touched on the two heavy hitters in the social media industry, but what about some you are less likely to hear about. Today, I want to look at LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. These can work extremely well when used in conjunction with Facebook and... Read more
  • Friday, 12th April 2013
      An intensely debated topic these days is social media. It’s heavily relied upon in many larger business, but reasonably untouched in many small to medium sized business. This is understandable, because there is a considerable time and energy input required by this... Read more
  • Wednesday, 27th March 2013
      So many people ask me, "James, how can I make more money!?". This question is of obvious importance. Of course, who doesn’t want to make more money?? However, too often people forget the value of saving their money. Saving, and effectively creating a budget, is more... Read more