Thoughts from the Director of Brisbane’s best bookkeeping service, Link Bookeeping.
  • Tuesday, 14th January 2014
    All companies are run by people. We sometimes put too much emphasis on the importance of technological infrastructures and other sophisticated business tools that we forget to realize that manual work is still needed to run and manage these expensive and often... Read more
  • Tuesday, 17th December 2013
    Business Activity Statements. If you’re a business owner in Australia, you have to do “the BAS”. This involves calculating and reporting taxes like GST and Pay As You Go (PAYG - taxes taken out of your employee’s pay). Most of us find them too complicated to do on our... Read more
  • Wednesday, 27th November 2013
    One of the most common problems among the self-employed is time management, especially to those transitioning from an employed outlook and frame of mind. After years of working in a structured institution with rules to follow, the total freedom of being self-employ can... Read more
  • Friday, 15th November 2013
    Cloud computing is largely recommended by most Brisbane bookkeepers and accountants for many good reasons. The new trend of business processing is based on the technological advancement of using the virtual realm or ‘cloud’ to store, process, and manage business data,... Read more
  • Monday, 28th October 2013
    So you have perfected your amazing product, you have secured funding, and you even looked around for a great bookkeeper to help you set up your business! Are you all set for business? Not so fast. Successful businesses were not established on a whim, or on impulse.... Read more
  • Monday, 14th October 2013
    There are many ways to start a business. Some businesses are handed down or an offshoot of an established family enterprise. Most small businesses I’ve worked with as a bookkeeper in Brisbane started as a hobby.  A guy who loves cars would eventually open a car... Read more
  • Tuesday, 8th October 2013
    Bookkeeping for your business is all about recording and keeping track of its transactions. There are two transaction recognition methods recognized in Brisbane bookkeeping and accounting policies, cash and accrual methods. The Differences between Cash and Accrual... Read more
  • Monday, 30th September 2013
    Employees and the people running the company are the core assets of every organization. No amount of technological, financial and natural resources can lead to business success without the competence and dedication of the people within the organization. Working with... Read more
  • Monday, 23rd September 2013
    Running a business opens endless possibilities and opportunities, but none of them assured. Working on a day job gives you the assurance of earning a regular income, no matter how limited it is. Aside from the regular pay, employment also provides fringe benefits like... Read more
  • Friday, 13th September 2013
    In an era of active internet communities, social networking and online shopping, businesses are taking advantage of social media as a way of promoting, advertising, and branding. Any forward thinking company has a business website Facebook business page, an official... Read more