Thoughts from the Director of Brisbane’s best bookkeeping service, Link Bookeeping.
  • Monday, 18th May 2015
    Blogging is not a requirement when setting up a business website. But if you want to take full advantage of what internet can do for your business, writing and maintaining a blog is advised. From the SEO point of view, blogging makes your website easier to find, thus... Read more
  • Monday, 13th April 2015
    “The customer is always right.” This maxim has been around since the beginning of the 20th century. Harry Gordon Selfridge coined the phrase and businesses have been taking it to heart. Most companies of today still follow the adage in their quest to provide the best... Read more
  • Friday, 27th March 2015
    There are two main types of bookkeepers in Brisbane, the internal bookkeepers and the external bookkeepers. There are not much difference between an external and an internal bookkeeper when it comes to professional skills, expertise, and knowledge. They perform the... Read more
  • Monday, 16th March 2015
    Entrepreneurs should be able to establish a sound cash management and control system. Cash is one of the most susceptible assets to theft within the organization, especially in cash heavy companies like food retail, convenience stores, and fresh produce market... Read more
  • Monday, 2nd March 2015
    Having a great mentor is like discovering a fast track highway to success. I grew up into an accounting and business oriented family. And I am lucky to have people around me who are constantly teaching, guiding, and giving me wise advises whenever I need one. I owe the... Read more
  • Sunday, 22nd February 2015
    Working with a bookkeeper should start with the inception of the business. But in reality, bookkeepers in Brisbane are only hired when business is growing and the accounts start to overwhelm the owner. Or when filing for taxes, seeking a loan, and forging an expansion... Read more
  • Monday, 9th February 2015
    The hardest lesson I leaned after setting up my Brisbane bookkeeping business was on how your work could easily take so much life out of you. When you’re an entrepreneur, the fine line dividing work and personal life can so easily fade. The business becomes your life.... Read more
  • Tuesday, 27th January 2015
    Starting up a business is never easy, I say it’s daunting to say the least. A big part of success is attributed to staying focused, goal-driven, and positive when starting up a business. But, as I run a Brisbane bookkeeping firm, I’m also partial to caution.... Read more
  • Tuesday, 6th January 2015
    Internal fraud can happen to any business. I’ve seen many incidence of betrayal, theft, and business crashes in the performance of my profession as a bookkeeper in Brisbane. I can only attribute internal fraud to laxity. Trust is a very expensive commodity, and when... Read more
  • Thursday, 11th December 2014
    Accounting and bookkeeping are part and parcel of running a business. A good bookkeeping system provides support to any industry. A lot of startup companies and small businesses consider of foregoing the installation of a good accounting or bookkeeping system. Reasons... Read more