Thoughts from the Director of Brisbane’s best bookkeeping service, Link Bookeeping.
  • Wednesday, 28th October 2015
    Profit and profitability are two very distinct things. Often used interchangeably, these business terms are closely related. Yet, they represent two diverse business aspects. Your Brisbane bookkeeper or accountant can well discuss to you the difference and similarities... Read more
  • Wednesday, 7th October 2015
    Even small businesses need help. You might start with just you and your family running the business, but if you want your company to grow, you need to hire people who can help you grow the business. My Brisbane bookkeeping business started out as a one-man-show. While... Read more
  • Monday, 28th September 2015
    Hard work and determination alone can get you somewhere, but not always to the top of the ladder. The most successful people have forged a common set of habits that distinguish them from the rest. In my business of bookkeeping in Brisbane, I have had the opportunity of... Read more
  • Tuesday, 8th September 2015
    Entrepreneurs know the importance of hard work, dedication, and commitment to running and growing one’s business. If there’s anything harder than starting up a business, it’s letting other people run it. Just like any other businessman, I also have jitters when it... Read more
  • Monday, 24th August 2015
    Production cost is the company’s cost needed to produce goods and services to be sold. It is the required cost to create income. And this is usually the biggest expenditure of the business. Brisbane bookkeeping rules include the following as examples of production... Read more
  • Monday, 17th August 2015
    Wanting to own and run a business but you don’t have the patience, energy, and time to build one from scratch? Buy an existing business. Many of my Brisbane bookkeeping clients came into the business by buying it from the startup entrepreneur or as a franchisee.... Read more
  • Monday, 3rd August 2015
    There are more than few ways of looking into entrepreneurship. To those who are aspiring of building, running, and owning their own business, entrepreneurship is the passport to freedom, the ideal job, doing the things that you really love, or the ultimate self-... Read more
  • Friday, 24th July 2015
    More and more businesses are done on the internet. Online shopping is now the most preferred way to shop. And why not? It is convenient, quick, and allows transactions from all corners of the world. Isn’t it time for small businesses to go earnest with their online... Read more
  • Tuesday, 14th July 2015
    Does it seem like some people have it all easy? While others struggle with hard work, long hours, and sacrifices – with very minimal results, why do some people effortlessly glide from one achievement to another, without breaking a sweat? In my business of bookkeeping... Read more
  • Monday, 29th June 2015
    Every enterprise needs a good leader who will lead the company to success. A good and effective leader is especially needed by startup companies, which are still struggling to establish itself. Working as a Brisbane bookkeeper, I’ve observed that all of the successful... Read more