Thoughts from the Director of Brisbane’s best bookkeeping service, Link Bookeeping.
  • Wednesday, 10th January 2018
    A successful businessman will always take on the habit of monitoring his products’ turnovers to assess their performance in the market. Turnover is the process by which a company measures the duration its products are kept in the inventory and the speed it took to sell... Read more
  • Wednesday, 29th November 2017
      Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a Brisbane bookkeeper, or or a small business owner, having the right attitude is essential to ensure success in the field you have chosen. Adopting the right kind of attitude will guide you to your success. Similarly, no... Read more
  • Thursday, 16th February 2017
    Whenever a drop falls into the pond, ripples are inevitable. Starting a business, selling products or services and earning money from any form of venture cause some sort of a disruption to the industry. Before I started my business in Brisbane bookkeeping, I strongly... Read more
  • Tuesday, 29th November 2016
    Mental toughness is evident in our actions and decisions. But more on what we don’t do, than in what we do. Mental strength is about control and discipline. Mental strength comes in different forms to different people. A runway model can just be mentally strong as a... Read more
  • Tuesday, 8th November 2016
    Setting up a company office is a major step in business. It is a huge step up from the backroom setup, the co-working spaces or from the home office system. It also means that your business is doing great and with the future looking better you see the need to establish... Read more
  • Monday, 24th October 2016
    Starting up a business can be fearsome. You will be stepping out of your comfort zone, and there will be a huge amount of risks to deal with. It is no wonder only a handful venture into entrepreneurship. Many have brilliant ideas, but only those who have mastered their... Read more
  • Tuesday, 11th October 2016
    Cloud computing is slowly becoming the norm of today. Most, if not all businesses I work are into cloud computing. My Brisbane bookkeeping service company is cloud-based. I have thoroughly reviewed and assessed the effects of cloud computing to my business and with the... Read more
  • Monday, 19th September 2016
    Microsoft Excel is a popular alternative and basic tool for bookkeeping in Brisbane. Most, if not all small businesses start their bookkeeping and accounting using the platform. Excel is equipped with features, options and capabilities that support records management,... Read more
  • Friday, 26th August 2016
    Employees are the company’s greatest asset. They are the ones running your company, literally. They are the ones doing the hard dirty work. They are the company’s frontliners dealing with your customers, the artisans creating the products, the financial planners... Read more
  • Thursday, 11th August 2016
    Email is now the primary mode of business communication. It replaced the much slower snail mail. My company providing Brisbane bookkeeping services rely on the power of electronic emails. Emails started as a quick messaging option available only to few. Then it was... Read more